Wisdom Harvest Documentary

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  1. This is a great venture you guys are embarking on. My great grandma only bought three things a month at the store when I was growing up. Once a month she would put me on her littered wagon and we would walk from Paricia Bay to Sindey. To get a 1lb of lard, a 1lb of Butter and a little sack of flour. This was so we could have fried bread or scow bread with our food. In the morning we would have dried fish for breakfast or dried clams. For lunch my ta would have duck soup or clam chowder. For dinner e had fish or fish soup and potatoes. We sustained our self on the land. Our veggies we forged for in the woods. I remember bologna or hamburger was disgusting to us when we first tried it. I miss those day.

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    • Would love to hear more about those days! You painted many a sweet picture in your post (the first ever on this site, by the way!), and launched some cravings for duck soup and fried bread too! Thanks again for the comment and feel free to share any recipes of old (or new) that you might want to share to help bring back some of those days!:)

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